Surf Aids

Quality Surf Accessories. Made in Byron Bay, Australia Since 1973

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Surf Aids was started in 1973, in Byron Bay, by Bob Newland. Originally, the company made legropes. Using surgical rubber with an internal cord, the first legropes were tied to either the nose or the fin of the surfboard. Over the years, the railsaver was introduced, the padded ankle strap with standout was added, plus the swivel, the plug in the board and finally urethane to replace the surgical rubber.

Other surfing accesssories were added to the production list in later years - board covers and bags - wax and grip - tie-downs and soft racks - covers for other watersports craft.

We now supply a variety of customers in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, The Canary Islands, Indonesia and occasionally Europe and USA.

We manufacture in Australia to our own specifications. We use Australian manufactured base products wherever possible. All leashes and coils are hand tied. We knit our own fabrics for our Acrylic/Nylon stretch covers on 3 machines, allowing us to adjust for the varying watercraft girths. Our Travel Covers are made in a variety of thicknesses, widths, lengths and nose/tail details to suit a huge number of watersport craft - not just your basic short board or malibu.

All manufacturing is carried out in our modern factory in Byron Bay, Northern NSW, Australia. And when the surf is up, we get out there testing our products to ensure that you have the BEST surf tools available!